Positive Birth Affirmations PDF Printable Cards for Giving Birth

The Most Helpful Birth Affirmations For Labor

Childbirth is a scary thought for most women, even if they’ve given birth before. Every pregnancy, labor, and birth are different. Your first birth will be nothing like your second birth, and your experience will be very different from your friend’s experience.

We must accept the unknown when it comes to giving birth. It helps to think of positive outcomes and have faith that you will have a positive childbirth experience.

Repeating natural birth affirmations for labor and delivery (out loud or in your head) is a great way to calm your nerves and body.

Keeping your mind and body at ease while in labor is very important in minimizing pain. In the 1920’s, a man named Grantley Dick-Read discovered that women in labor will throw themselves into a nasty cycle called the “Fear-Tension-Pain” cycle. He indicated that fear causes a woman to become tense, and that tension increases pain. The increased pain, then, increases fear, and the cycle repeats.

During labor and delivery, I challenge you to combat your fear using meditation and breathing techniques along with childbirth affirmations.

How to have less pain during child birth with no epidural. Hypno birthing techniques that work. Rewire your brain for natural pain management during labor and delivery with natural Birth Affirmations

When I was in labor and while birthing, I closed my eyes, took deep breaths, and reminded myself of these positive birth affirmations. I used them to almost put myself in a meditative state to get me through childbirth with as little anxiety as possible.

During labor and in the time leading up to that day, if you have a worrying thought come up, imagine yourself pushing it out of your head and affirm to yourself by saying: “My body knows exactly what to do”. (Which is one of the positive affirmations for labor and delivery).

This is what I did and it helped me tremendously. I did this with my first two pregnancies and plan to use this same strategy with any future baby during labor and childbirth.

How To Use Birth Affirmations

To use birth affirmations as a calming technique in your birthing process, start by doing one of 3 things:

Using the Affirmations Coloring Book gives you the added calming effect of art therapy to better reduce stress. See more tips on reducing labor pain here.

Next, read over the affirmations and try to remember some of them by heart. When you go into labor and are feeling fearful or in pain, repeat the labor affirmations to yourself or out loud.

The key is to completely believe in the words you are repeating. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and think about these affirmations. Repeat them until you believe the affirmation is true.

This is how you trick your brain to stop your anxiety and calm your body.

Birth Affirmations Coloring Book

I created an adult coloring book featuring 50 Pregnancy Affirmations For Labor And Birth to help you relieve anxiety about pregnancy and birth using art therapy. You can utilize this birthing tool to help you memorize birth affirmations while coloring to help relieve stress.

Once the pages are colored, you can cut out the pages and hang them on the wall (or use them as affirmation cards) in your birthing room to remind you to keep calm during the birthing process.

Why You Should Use Birth Affirmations

Women use birth affirmations as a form of meditation during labor and childbirth to lower stress and anxiety levels, in turn, lowering body tension allowing your muscles to remain loose, helping your body naturally release your baby with less pain.

By taking control of your mind, comforting yourself through this particularly nerve racking time, you will be encouraging a positive birth experience. And that is really what we all want in the end.

When To Use Birth Affirmations

Women will use positive affirmations during labor and delivery. While laboring at home you may find it helpful to place birth affirmation cards around your home in places like your bedside table or a table in your living room area. Thus, having access to them at any time home when feeling anxiety or fear about childbirth.

Birth Affirmations Cards

Some women find it helpful to have birth affirmations cards or print them out in a list form (like the free printable list) to carry with you to the hospital on the day of delivery. In card form, they are easy to stick in your hospital bag to have in the delivery room.

Some birthing centers allow women to hang these birth affirmation cards on the walls of the delivery room to help keep the woman calm. If this is something that interests you, call your birthing center and ask what they allow.

If you read through the affirmations a few times, I’m sure some of them will stick with you. Keep this anxiety relief technique in the forefront of your brain so you can remember to repeat the affirmations to yourself on the delivery day while breathing through those contractions!

I vividly remember saying to myself (in my head) “my baby and I are working together” while I was pushing. A few seconds later, my doctor and delivery nurse were cheering me on, informing me that my baby is wiggling around, working with me to make her way out, to keep pushing! It was extremely encouraging and made me smile. Therefore, that is my favorite birth affirmation!

Find out more of what helped me cope with pain during labor and delivery here. I hope it helps you as much as it did me!

God bless you! You’re going to do an amazing job.

Birth Affirmations List

    My body was made to deliver a child and will do it easily.

    Every wave brings me closer to my baby.

    My body knows exactly what to do.

    I trust this process.

    I am relaxed.

    This pain will not last forever.

    My body is capable.

    Women all over the world birth babies every day, I can do this.

    I trust my body.

    I trust God to keep my baby and I strong and healthy during this process.

    My baby and I are healthy.

    I am confident.

    I birth with ease.

    My baby and I are working together.

    I am doing an amazing job.

    My body is strong.

You can also download the colorful affirmations (seen in the top photo of this blog post) in a printable set of 28 cards. These can be printed in 8.5 x 11 inch size for wall hangings (or adjust the size to your liking) here.

birth affirmations list

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